What a journey!

It has to be said investing in cryptocurrency can be a bit daunting. So for a rookie trying to find the right path, this can lead many to Telegram, The Holy platform of discovery!

This is where many have discovered the Gem, or we could say ‘The Jewel in the Crown of cryptocurrency,’ Safemoon Cash.

The page is absolutely buzzing with fellow investors, frantically posting ‘Buy now,’ ‘Hold’ and ‘When Moon?’. The last statement is quite an easy one to answer. Since launching the coin, only just a month ago, Safemoon Cash now has a staggering 208,465 holders (and counting)! No wonder since its launch it’s been mooning on multiple dates. But we are not just talking about a ‘pump & dump,’ we are talking about steady regular transfers almost every three seconds. If you don’t believe it, see it for yourself on BscScan.

The great thing so far about Safemoon Cash isn’t just that it’s an awesome project, it’s the team and community behind it. Before being listed on major exchanges, in fact before even being mentioned on CoinMarketCap, the most often asked question on the Telegram page was ‘When CMC?’. Poor Rose, the automated bot, and the mods must have answered this question a million times during the week leading up to SMC being listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. But boy, the hype and excitement as it was announced ‘LIVE’ on the Telegram page was just so exhilarating. To hear of the listing after all the hard work put into this amazing coin was well worth the wait.

But this isn’t quite the end of the journey and it’s not really even the start! Those lucky enough to have experienced the early growth of $SMC witnessed exchange after exchange listing the coin. Besides the decentralised platform PancakeSwap, two more centralised exchanges were announced, including PROBIT and XT.com.

What’s next? Plenty more! In fact even more exchanges: one of Asia’s largest exchanges, Hotbit, is on the way and a contract with another exchange with over 1B volume daily has just been signed – the name of which will be announced shortly.

As they say – Stay tuned!

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Kingsley Okereke
Kingsley Okereke
15 days ago

I so much believe in this project and I know that the wait would be worth it.

12 days ago

Something special about this coin.

11 days ago

Safemoon cash is really valuable. His bond with people is different from anything else. I have absolute confidence in the team and the community.

Naziru Haruna
Naziru Haruna
11 days ago

What is future of safemoon cash in 2022

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