Terms and Conditions

You and Safemoon Cash

The below Terms and Conditions relating to Safemoon Cash as a project and this website are subject to review and change without notice at any time.

By using this website you de facto consent to the use of any cookies necessary for complete technical operation unless expressly blocked by yourself.

The Team behind Safemoon Cash is made up of volunteers and is constantly changing; we cannot be held accountable for any financial loss resulting from your personal investment in the token.

We will not tolerate scams, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) or harassment on our social media accounts and we have dedicated moderation teams who monitor these – particularly in relation to IM (Telegram; Discord) – to ensure that we maintain a safe and friendly community atmosphere. Bans may not be appealed or overturned as we simply have too many users to look out for! Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Intellectual Property

As a community project we do not wish to limit the use of Safemoon Cash image or text assets for the purpose of promotion by our Community Members. However, we respectfully request that you do not use these assets for ill gain including but not limited to scam and fraud: needless to say this includes presenting yourself as an admin of the Safemoon Cash Team to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. Basic stuff really.

We encourage link backs and citations to our official website and social media accounts wherever possible in the case that our content (that of the core Team) is included in other media.

While we feel that this is unlikely to occur, the use of our image assets in the creation of counterfeit merchandise for pure commercial gain is discouraged and this is potentially an area we would look to take action against where necessary.


Where Safemoon Cash is listed by centralised exchanges, those exchanges are responsible for any customer support needs. The Team are unable to assist you in any issues resulting directly from the use of exchanges on which Safemoon Cash (SMC; SAFEMOONCASH) is listed. We would encourage you to get in touch with the exchange directly when required.