Strategy Team

Safemoon Cash is contributed to by talented individuals from all around the world. These are just some of the people behind our community effort.

Connor Leach

Chief of Marketing

Fulfilling the Chief of Marketing operations will be a daily primacy to the world. I am a Top 100 Global Healthcare Leader with over 10 years of experience in marketing Fortune 500 companies, brands, and products. Driving global awareness around Safemoon Cash is my top priority for our marketing campaign; My experience in the cryptocurrency space is extensive and I have been investing for years. I chose to join the Safemoon Cash Team after witnessing the success of Safemoon providing a new evolutionary direction with redistribution through tokenomics.


Strategy Lead

My focus lies on implementing and overseeing the overall strategy of Safemoon Cash, with a particular focus on all technical developments, together with our Development Team. Additionally, I focus on setting up and coordinating local marketing. I have an academic background in Engineering and have been investing in (and working with) crypto (projects) since 2017.


Senior Strategist and Marketer

I am a Senior Strategist and Marketer. I’ve been around technology my whole life – I started taking apart and putting together computers when I was very young, and gradually moved onto software development throughout the years. I started investing in Stocks in 2015, and Crypto in mid 2020. I’m really excited to share this journey with our community!


Marketing Specialist

I am a business economics teacher and Internet fanatic since its early days. I am experienced in building websites. My current main focus with Safemoon Cash is the marketing department. I also manage the moderators in the different country groups. In my spare time, I’m a pretty fanatic cyclist.


Strategist and Marketer

I am a Strategist and Marketer, focusing on local markets. I’ve been following events in the crypto world for several years now. The first time I actually heard about Bitcoin was a few months after its launch. Unfortunately I didn’t invest in it, but we all learn from our mistakes and now we can start a new life together with Safemoon Cash. All of you now have the opportunity to be part of our project and make some life changing money. Let’s start the journey!


Discord Diva

Running our Discord server is my top priority on a day to day basis. I also assist in work relating to web graphics and workflow around this. My academic background is in IT and business: needless to say I am also a hardware enthusiast! I fell into crypto via graphics card mining and Safemoon Cash seemed like a promising project to me after I had seen what happened with Safemoon. I decided to join the Safemoon Cash Team when invited as I was drawn to the decentralised nature of the project.


Technical Wizard

I am passionate about technology and the Web and I have an extensive professional background in IT. I have been involved in the crypto world since 2013 and I really think Safemoon Cash could be game changing for this world. I love to work behind the scenes by ensuring that various aspects of our project can be delivered at a technical level. An example of this includes our online Merchandise Store. I work closely with other team members where they require support with technical implementation.


Strategist and Marketer

I am a Strategist and Marketer and have been in project management, improvement processes and performance analysis for many years. I am from Germany and like to be in the garden when there is some free time. Looking for a new challenge, I came into crypto and ultimately to Safemoon Cash. I love the community and the continuous positive vibes at Safemoon Cash. Here we have the chance to create something really unique. We all stand together so the sky is the limit!


Strategist and PR

I am a supply chain professional with extensive experience in PR, community outreach and strategic management – and actively produce, write, and play music in my free time. With a half decade long active involvement in the crypto space and various project teams, I aim to leverage my learnings, understanding, and knowledge of the crypto market to contribute to the success of Safemoon Cash, and be part of the project’s exciting revolution within this dynamically growing space!


Business and PR Consultant

I am a Business Strategist and Public Relations specialist. As a background, I completed a dual degree in Physiology and Neuroscience, before shifting to spearhead my own financial wealth management firm for 5 years, receiving multiple accolades. I have extensive experience in finance, professional public speaking, business consulting/development, and growing multiple crypto projects in an operational role. On my off-time I enjoy playing competitive soccer, spending time with family, and going to the gym. I am passionate and committed to Safemoon Cash because I 100% believe in its mission, cause, community, team, and impact it will bring to many people’s lives.